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We are always more than willing to answer all of your concerns and questions regarding you camping power needs and will run through with you all of your options and give you honest straight up answers to what is suitable to FREE CAMPING power while you are off on the beaten track.

About us

MickeyBlu Australia, is an Australian owned, sole trader business based in North Coogee WA.

We have recently diversified the business model after a lot of interest and enquiries about how to prepare for natural disasters such as fire, flooding and now COVID 19 for back up power.

My business model is to support domestic power supply and promote free camping off the grid.

I provide caravan and camping products and travel around Australia attending caravan and camping shows.

My flag ship product is the fully portable pure sine-wave 3.5KVA generator.

About MickeyBlu Generator

Designed Around domestic support and camping off the grid, tried and tested extensively to ensure reliability.

The 3.5KVA generators are designed with:

Our Products

Pure Sine Wave Generator

Together with a quality built tested unit, offering you the most competitive priced unit in the Inverter Generator market today.

10W Trickle Feed Solar Panel Kit

Any vehicle that is left for months at a time without idling, keep it topped up for its next use. Protect the battery from discharge.

10m 15amp AC Extension Lead

Australian Electrical Safety Standards. High Quality, Durable Cable & Connections For Caravan, Commercial And Industrial Uses

1000W Pure Sine Wave Inverter

Brand New Pure Sine Wave Inverter DC to AC. Overload, Short Circuit, Reverse Polarity, Under/Over Voltage Cooling Fans

10FT Car Cigarette Cigar Lighter

Use with most 12v accessories. Safe and easy to use. Very convenient and easy to use.

Monocrystalline 20W Solar Panel

Built-in “Diode” works as a One-Way valves, preventing back-flow from the battery

Caravan Privacy Screen end Wall

Provides privacy and shade without obstructing the breeze. Reduces UV Penetration. Breathable mesh.

Folding Solar Panel Blanket

No more room to store any more camping items MickeyBlu has a unique Solar blanket ideally packs away into a carry bag.

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